SLick access

  • A smart and secure alternative to your key
  • Control access with your personal PIN code
  • Only $3/Month
  • No fees or gimmicks
  • Works on any gate

Control the access to your gate

Have a guest to let in? A dog walker? expecting a package delivery? Lost your key and stuck outside?
Having only a key to access your outside gate can be limiting these days. 
Add another layer of control to your gate, and have one less thing to worry about.

Order your Slick Access system for free today.

Already have one in your building? Just sign up and get your dedicated PIN code.

Easy as pie.


Living in an apartment building is fun and convenient, but things can get tricky when you need to let someone in.
Buzzers, intercoms and access control systems all rely on your availability, so when you aren’t around, you… and everyone else are out of luck.
Let Slick Access come to your rescue!
Slick Access is the most reliable and cost efficient solution for your outside gate access and control. Backed by our years of experience and five star technical support, Slick Access is guaranteed to do the job of letting the right people in, and keeping the bad guys out.

Best of all: you can start using Slick Access for the price of a cup of coffee per month.

Get instant access to your Slick Access for only $3/month. No hidden fees, no gimmicks.

Get Your Slick Access PIN:

Slick Acess is already on your gate?
All you need is your personal PIN code.
Get your personal PIN code for only $3 / month now:

$3 / Month

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